Wow! Fiber-sort of amazing!

The Fibersort technique is able to automatically sort large volumes of mixed post-consumer textile waste based on fiber composition, which is amazing, since until now the selection process of post-consumer textiles is done by hand. Most of the time this process does not take fiber composition into account. The sorted materials are perfectly suited to become inputs for textile recycling processes. Fibersort (Fiber-sort of amazing, u get it now? hehehe) is a big step towards enabling a circular textile industry!

The technique reduces the need for virgin materials by providing well sorted post-consumer materials which are ready for textile-to-textile recycling.  Besides that Fibersorts makes it economically interesting to sort textile waste on fibre composition, thus creating value and business opportunities out of textile waste.

The technique has been used since February 2018 and the first Fibersorted materials are now commercially available. Further development and partnerships are needed for the
commercialisation of the Fibersort. This will bring a closed-loop textile system one step closer to reality ❤


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